As a church family, we have the mission of expressing God's love for others by meeting their physical and spiritual needs. In a world full of poverty, racism, spiritual emptiness, illnesses, and natural disasters, we have the opportunity to reach out and lend a hand. This can be in your neighborhood, in your city, or anywhere in the world!

The missions ministry helps us to participate, as a community, in the spreading of the Kingdom of God in the world.


  • Monthly mission time and annual mission worship. Promoting missionary projects.
  • Prayer topics in classrooms. Participating in the mission through prayer.
  • Encouraging short, medium, or long-term missionary involvement.

Mission Projects

Social and evangelistic action. Unida

  • Mefi
  • Family Space
  • Evangelization
  • La Llançadora
  • Sports
  • Support groups

EMSI Misión

  • Health promotion. Burkina Faso


  • Health and education. Equatorial Guinea and Mozambique


  • Evangelization and Homelessness (GAIN). Spain

La Fuente

  • Educational and social support. Terrassa / North Africa

Youth for Christ (JPC)

  • Youth. Spain

El Faro. Carmen Sánchez

  • Teenage mothers. Bolivia

Open Doors

  • Persecuted Church. Worldwide

César and Patricia

  • Health and evangelization. North Africa

New Evangelical Hospital

  • Health promotion. Barcelona

Alba Nadal. OM

  • Evangelization. Worldwide

Irene López

  • Education and Refugees. Lesbos (Greece)